LCToolbox is an open-source linear control toolbox for MATLAB that aims at facilitating linear identification, controller design and validation by providing an intuitive interface for different software packages.


LCToolbox provides and interfaces several identification routines for linear time-invariant and linear parameter-varying systems.

Control problem formulation

A high-level formulation of the control configuration and control objectives saves the user from cumbersome pre- and postprocessing steps that are typically involved in H and H2 synthesis.

Control problem solution

LCToolbox interfaces several open-source and commercial solvers and parses the high-level linear time-invariant or linear parameter-varying problem into a numerically tractable optimization problem.


Simulation tools supporting nonlinear models are readily available and allow to investigate your controller's performance on more complex nonlinear models.


LCToolbox is able to export the results into standard MATLAB formats or convenient formats that allow a simple implementation on embedded platforms.